This is a site I've started to collect information that will be useful for users of Adobe Connect under the MIddlebury College license. 

I2/FA12: Middlebury College eTextBook Pilot

We live in a world of constantly advancing technologies that allow us to communicate with anyone we want, anytime we want, anywhere we want. In addition, we now have access to just about any information we need at our fingertips.

However, with all the technological advances come even more risks. It has become easier for cyber criminals to attack and exploit our information. With so much of our highly sensitive information being stored and processed electronically, it is important to stay informed about how to keep your information protected.  As a result, we are committed to educating you more about information security. In the following training course, you will learn the steps you can take to keep sensitive information safe, and the actions you can take to prevent security breaches. 

This will be used as an outline and resource for a series of staff training sessions on government information resources, starting with a session Congressional Information Resources on October 28.
J-term faculty course/workshop
This site contains resources for using Moodle @ Middlebury